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Retractable Window Screens

Casper Screens work on pass thru, push & wind-out windows

Casper retractable window screens are 100% insect proof. The screens appear to be part of your window frame where they blend beautifully into the existing framework. With multiple colors to choose from and a powder coated finish for additional protection, Casper’s rounded and smooth housings are the most attractive on the market! Retractable window screens from Casper Disappearing Screens are the most technically advanced, versatile retractable window screens on the market. Our retractable screens are custom made to fit any window in your house.

Not only do Casper Disappearing Window Screens provide a perfectly clear view through windows when not in use, but our retractable window screens also stay very clean due to the protection of their housing during various weather conditions. Our custom screen housing extends the life of the screen by protecting them when not in use. Many homeowners also use our screens to allow passage of items through a window; for example, food passed through a kitchen window to an outdoor barbecue.

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Retractable screens – frame color options

Casper Disappearing retractable window screens appear to be part of your window frame with our rounded and smooth frame housings that blend beautifully into the existing framework. Our retractable window screens are made with the highest quality material and are built in the USA to last. Unlike our competition, who only offer a “limited” warranty, Casper Disappearing Retractable Screens are backed by our LIFETIME WARRANTY on the frame parts and a three-year warranty on the screen mesh. Your SATISFACTION is GUARANTEED!

The frame housings come in a variety of five (5) popular powder-coated finish colors.